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My Blogging History..

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What better to start off my new blog than with the history on how I started blogging…

It was like it happened yesterday..when I found myself submerged into the world of Blogging…

Actually, it happened during my freshman year at college…my older bro was at his soph year and was taking up computer science, and he was always on his laptop hogging the internet time…but I didn’t mind…i haven’t really discovered the joys of the internets not until I saw my bro “fixing” up his own site…

I was curious and asked him about his site…on what it is and why he’s putting himself out on the web…so, then and there, he introduced me to Blogging…about keeping an online journal for youself and for others to see…I thought it was cool, showing people what you thought about stuff, sharing your day and ideas…and getting some info/comments back from them…and naturally, I bugged him for a site of my own…he then told me to just browse around for free ones as his was paid..

So, when he was off in school and I didn’t have classes, I browsed the web for free blogging sites…and after much searching, was born…

and I started it off just like an ordinary diary…and i was a little sad at first because no one seems to comment on my posts which in turn I thought that no one was reading them…but after awhile, that didn’t matter…my first comment and blog friends came when i posted a blog about my “girl troubles”…and from there I kept the ball rolling…

I started posting almost anything I had opinions about and anything that was happening to my life…I also posted my literary works, poems and stories [short stories and my main one] which garnered me readers and more comments…I naturally liked the attention and positive and negative feedback, plus I loved my new online friends…

Through blogging, I was slowly being engulfed into the online world…networking sites like Myspace, Friendster, Multiply…to forums like the Online Forums for POD, gaming forums among others…and of course, my own personal email…I was beginning to love and embrace the online world..

Alas, did not last long as it was shutdown when Blog City decided to purge the free accounts and keep the paid ones…and unfortunately, i coulnd’t archived most of the posts there…actually, I was becoming more and more happy with using my Multiply account to blog with along with posting my works [and by this time, I already updated my DA in a loooong while]…I was sad that it had to go but unfortunately, good things come to an end..

By this time, blogging was somewhat second nature…and I’ve enjoyed it alot..I was kinda hesitant to make another blog but then can never have too many blogs…

Welcome to My Insanity..and thank you…


Written by The AlanSong

November 25, 2008 at 2:56 pm

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