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A Death Anniversary…

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Tomorrow, Me , my older Bro and Mum will be going to Manila early morning to attend the first year death anniversary of my uncle…

It’s actually a week ealry and I totally forgot why they moved it…anyhoo, my Uncle died last year due to a weird car accident..I saw weird because it was…on eyewitness accounts, they saw my Uncle’s KIA swerve off to the opposite side of the it did, it continued to sway around until hitting a bus which was “supposedly” at a halt after dropping of a passenger…when they got to him, he was already gone which surprised people because the damage was only his feet…with that info, we assumed he had a heart attack [due to his…uhm..size] therefore his car swerved off his lane..

But the autopsy results showed no heart attack being registered…and I have never seen my Uncle be drowsy on the wheel and always has been a defensive driver as well as did maintenance to his car…still, even if we did find out how he did, he still won’t come back..

I heard the news thru text message and YM from my cousins and my younger sister in Manila…and when i verified the news, I broke down right then and there infront of the PC…I never cried so hard in awhile…me Mum was surprised and shocked…and when I told her, she nearly fainted…we then waited for my Bro and went to Manila for the funeral..

It was an emotional funeral…my Granmum was in pieces….her husband is dead, her eldest son [my Dad] is dead and now her youngets and the one taking care of her is now also gone…she fainted almost everytime and there were scary moments that we thought we’d lost her too..

I really liked and loved my Uncle..contrary to what has been seen or said or done…I actually idolized him more than my Dad [my Dad wasn’t home enough]…and began doing the things he does…I don’t really know how or why or when things started getting sour..but it did and it happened fast…and it never got resolved till the end..

And it’s weird how some relatives somewhat “harbored” my Uncle’s “hatred” to me…and that they see me as nothing more than a nuisance…oh well..

I miss’s weird..but I do..not for myself..but I miss him for my Granmum…I know that she still hasn’t gotten over his death till now…

It’ll be a hell of a day tomorrow..


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November 29, 2008 at 11:13 pm

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