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Weekend Report..

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I’ve been in Manila last weekend to visit my Granmum and attend my photographer’s club [ see previous post] Xmas party…

Friday, Dec. 5:

Went to Manila at an early hour to visit the Crematorium and my Uncle with my Younger Sis and Granmum…she [Granmum] was still emotional even though a year has passed but then again losing a loved one is hard…

We then went malling trying to cheer her up…she and my Younger Sis were checking out clothes, I was checking toys…hahaha….I am still a kid at heart…funny thing is, she cheered us up more than we did her…she got me a Tesujin28/Gigantor scale model kit [and I plan to wrap it up and open it on Xmas] and clothes for my Sis…she did enjoy the time we had roaming around and I guess seing her grandkids happy made her happy too…

Saturday, Dec. 6:

I was excited about the Xmas party because 1.) it’s been awhile since i saw anyone from the club, 2.) another opportunity to shoot and 3.) fooood! LOL…I spent the whole day watching Phineas and Ferb and fixing/clearing out me late Uncle’s closet…I waited for a text message from a friend and member because he’ll be picking me up…well he did and we were kinda late but that was ok.. :p

When we got there, almost all of the group, well the CORE group, was there as well as one speaker [unfortunately, only one showed up 😦 ]….the place [Liyimen Seafood Resto] had a great ambience and had given us enough space to hold our party..the food was excellent as well…I did maaged to win meself a personalized shirt from the raffle..eheh..

We did have a few photo opportunities with the models that came, although we didn’t have the intended “cat walk”…still, it was fun at best…I wished we had an “Exchange gift” or something…cuz every Xmas party has that..

When everything died down, a few of us got together for a few rounds of beers at a nearby Gerry’s Grill…it was fun since I never had a drinking session with these guys although it did not last long as all of them had wives and girlfriends to go home to [I am the ONLY single guy in the club], still it was fun…and it has been while since I had a beer…

Sunday, Dec. 7:

I woke with a hang-over but it was alright, it’s been awhile since I had one…after channel-surfing, I suddenly remembered that it was Pacquiao’s fight against Dela Hoya today…unfortunately, no one had pay-per-view…not really a boxing fan but I idolized Dela Hoya when I was a kid…

Anyhoo, I got me things ready as I was gonna go back home to Pampanga…I also was asked to bring a puppy home and since we didn’t have any carry-cages, I made the pup a lil comfy box carrier and I mad sure she had ventilation..last thing I need is transporting a dead puppy..

While on the way, [the bus I was on had a TV] they reported of Pacquiao’s win by TKO at Round 8…and more or less, it’ll be more than a week till the whole celebration is over here in the Philippines..hahah…

So, I made it home and released the pup ASAP and let her get a feel on the new surroundings….got me some rest and went back online…hahaha…I’ll prolly start posting photos tomorrow, more or less…


Written by The AlanSong

December 7, 2008 at 10:11 pm

2 Responses

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  1. Losing someone is really hard. 😦

    Anyway, I didn’t watch pacquiao’s big game. Not a big fan too!


    December 8, 2008 at 11:39 am

  2. it is…:[ losing someone to other people is ok but losing someone to death is really hard..

    ..and more or less alot of people will milk and “take benefit” from Pacquiao’s win…

    The AlanSong

    December 8, 2008 at 12:58 pm

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