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A Day in the Life…

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* This is a story I started doing since 2003…basically, a semi-autobiographical account…it’s my experiences mixed with a few drops of also has a few Tagalog lines in it, so if you cannot understand, feel free to drop me a line.. *

A Day in the Life…
Part 1

“I am troubled…” he mumbled lying in his bed as he stared at his bedroom ceiling. He is Ian  Lapira. Just your normal kid going thru the realities of life…his life. “Ah dammit! I might as well get out of bed…” he got up scratching his head and looked at his celfone. “Hmm, it figures…1:30 am and no messages from Katie…whoopdeedoo….crap…” he ranted. He walked out of his room and went straight into the kitchen to make coffee. He couldn’t have done this at home, he thought, “Thank god freedom!”. He was free, living on his own apartment(one floor, three rooms, two bathrooms. Fit for at least four people but he lives here alone) near De La Salle. He pays half [well, he thinks it’s half but it’s really only 1/8] the rent and the rest, his parents. He suggested this move just to “try living alone, be independent”, that’s what he said to his folks. They agreed and let him be free, “Thank god mom and dad understand…..”.

Waiting for the coffee maker to boil, he headed to his PC in the sala and booted it up. Amidst of it all, he was thinking about school this year. Although his alma mater (FEU) was somewhat far from his place, he kept thinking what will happen next to him. An incoming Junior college psychology student, Ian was always trying hard to learn and not just pass but excel. The PC just finished booting up when he heard the doorbell. “And who the hell are you, ringing in at this hour?!” he exclaimed but deep inside, “Please let it be Katie, please let it be Katie…”. Katie, real name: Kathleen Espiritu, a Senior college MassCom student at Ateneo, was his longtime girlfriend. They’ve been together for almost a year and a half and they met when Ian and his band played at a concert Katie’s MassCom buddies held at Ateneo. The rest was a year and a half of trials and tribulations…mainly on Ian’s part.

He went out the door and stood by the gate, “Katie?”. A hoarse voice of a guy impersonating a girl’s voice answered, “Yea baby? I’m home na.”. “What the F…” Ian swung the gate open, to his surprise it was his best friend, Jason Santiago and he’s got company. “Damn you Jason! Don’t you ever do that! You know how worried I am about her!” Ian bellowed. “Ei dude, chill….just having some fun”. Jason replied. “Is Katie his girlfriend?” asked Jason’s companion. “Uhm…yea…hey Ian, this here’s Trisha…I promised to take her home but my cars busted…good thing we’re near here and…”. Before Jason could finish, Ian interrupted, “Tell me inside man, you’ll both get a chill out there, c’mon.”. Ian ushered them inside when Jason grabbed him by the shoulder and pulled hard. “Dude, tell me that your car is parked inside your house…” he asked. “Duh?! I loaned Katie my car so that she could go home safer and faster or she could swing by here, why?”. Ian remarked. “Uhm, er, ah……do you have coffee? Boy, I need coffee…tara, let’s get inside.” Jason went inside the house in a hurry. “What was that about?” Ian thought, giving a look to Trisha…”Um, come inside…ladies first.”. Trisha went in followed by Ian. Jason was already pouring coffee into mugs, “Yo, Trisha…want coffee?” he asked. “No thanks, wow…nice flat.” Trisha replied. Ian gave no answer and gestured Trisha to sit in the sala. What he wanted from Jason was an explanation on what wass going on. Jason was always giving and getting Ian into trouble since they were kids but still they became the best of friends all throughout, ’til now that is.

Ian went to Jason in the kitchen and asked what’s the deal. It seems Jason was clubbing went he met Trisha. They got really acquainted and when it was time to go home, he offered her a lift but his car broke down…”And good thing we were near here eh? That’s why we went here. I was kinda thinking you might help me drop her off. But seeing your car gone, puts a whole new twist..” Jason sipped his coffee and looked at Trisha and waved. Trisha, who was pre-occupied reading magazines at the coffee table near the couch, noticed and waved back. “You could let her stay the night eh dude? I mean she’s from Bulacan and it’s a far cry from here…you can’t let her go at a time like this.” Jason added. “Ok, ok… I get it. She can stay for a night. But what about you?”. Ian asked. “I’ll go back to my car and stay there till morn, then I’ll call a mechanic.” Jason replied. “You sure? Anyway, you can get stuff you need and take care ok?” Ian tussled Jason’s hair like a childs. “Yea, yea…thanks man, I owe you.” Jason told Ian as he walked to Trisha. Ian was bothered that a girl other than Katie was staying at his apartment. “What if Katie came? What if she sees her? With no text from her it’s possible….” He thought. But he could never let anyone, let alone a girl, travel at this ungodly hour. He took his coffee and headed to his PC.

He passed by Jason and Trisha, Jason was still explaining. As he sat infront of his PC, he set aside his coffee and began working on new lyrics from the ones he typed before. After a long while, Jason went up to him and said, “Dude, I took a blanket and some pillows…thanks again.” Then he left.

“Well, I guess were stuck with each other.” Trisha said trying to break the ice. Ian remained undaunted from the PC and said, “Yeah, uhm…if you’re sleepy na just go to your room. Down the hall to your left. There is also a bathroom there and if you need extra pillows and blankets, they are at the closet. Oh yea, and don’t touch anything at the shelves there, ok? G’nyt….er, if you need anything. I’m just here.”. “Sure, thanks a lot. Goodnight.” Trisha replied with a girlish giggle as she went to the room. “He sounds commanding and sure of himself…..that’s cute, I envy her girl…” she thought. Again, Ian was alone with his thoughts. “Man, what’s with me…I…. huh, whazzat?”. Before he could finish, his cel rang. He hurried to the kitchen counter. He looked at who was calling, it was Katie. “Hello? Katie?”.

by: AllanMichaelRamos; 2003


Written by The AlanSong

December 15, 2008 at 12:40 pm

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