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A Death in the Family..

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My grandma from the province of Vigan, Ilocos Sur, died last Dec.17…and we went there for the funeral…

A good thing my other grandma and my cousins [her grandkids] were able to use their van for our travel, which made the whole trip easier…as traveling to Vigan by bus would be more pricey and the trip would take longer..

I really haven’t been back to Vigan ever since when I was a kid..more or less, 10+ years ago…and I was never really close with my grandma there,  I spent more time with my cousins than her, so I never really got to connect with her..

Now, back again in Vigan and my cousins were now young adults..and they didnt forget who I was surprisingly…

The funeral was big…my grandma’s sons, my Uncle Sammy, funded the whole thing…and being Mayor and close friends with Chavit Singson made the thing extravagant…flowers galore, a band for ambience music..people looking outside would think it was a quiet, somber party…

I did squeak in a few hours to roam around and take photos of Vigan but not much of the main sites though…I just took photos of the things that were on the way..

It was weird to catch up with people and relatives when the main reason you’re there in the first place is for a funeral…still we’ll take the time we have right? life is that short…

Just last year, my Uncle died [not a distant uncle, the main one, bro of my dad..]…it was December as well..tsk..I do hope this isn’t becoming a trned every year..


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December 24, 2008 at 3:10 pm

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