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Teh Xmas Blog..

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This will be my Christmas blog…although it is a few days late…blame it on hang-over..LOL…

Anyhoo,  I was particularly excited this Christmas as I spent last year working…yeap, working…although it was ok I missed out on Noche Buena with the Family and the Annual Xmas Party of me buddies in our subdivision..but this year, i’ll be present in both and will be taking photos…[said photos will be uploaded and linked to this blog later]…

And, seeing that I prolly wont get any gifts [as I experienced the past Christmases], I then bought a few things for meself and had them giftwrapped so that I can have something to open on Christmas Eve…hahaha..I miss opening stuff on Christmas Eve…:p

It was a fun event of course…gifts, food…food…food…family togertherness..but I didn’t get to eat much as I wasn’t planning of stuffing meself THEN going to the Xmas Party and drink me buns off…that will result in something bad…LOL…as always, I ate little [I ate alot the morning after tho..]..took photos and went off…

Now, the Xmas Party of me friends is always a FUN party…good times, booze, jokes, music plus getting to meet a few new people..and it’s fine for me to get pissed drunk as I only live a block away from the main house where we always hold the party…I can crawl, stagger, limp home for all I long as I got to enjoy meself,..hahah…

Unfortunately, they started the party rather early and most of the peeps were drunk and some of ’em went home already…I still tried to enjoy meself though as I took pics of me friends…didn’t get to meet the new faces in the party as all of the peeps gathered round the new addition to the tradition…a poker table..:p

Dunno when they got it but they were playing poker all night whilst drinking…and not just for fun, money was involved too…and they were being served drinks..LOL like a regular casino…

Anyhoo, the party died down after the drinks were gone…I wasn’t even half-tipsy yet which was a let-down…still it was a fun party as I got to connect back with me friends I haven’t hung around alot for so me half-german buddy Kurt, who was working in a cruise ship for the past year..or Mikey, me american friend who’s also a DJ [he’s here till January then will go back to Singapore to his work]..

I still went home at 5am…as we did what we always did…just hung around, talking, making jokes, poking fun at each other, kidding around…

The next thing to look forward too? New Year’s Eve baby…:]


Written by The AlanSong

December 27, 2008 at 2:26 pm

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  1. happy holidays alan. 😀 see ya around.


    December 27, 2008 at 11:54 pm

  2. thanks kawen!

    you as well..;]

    The AlanSong

    December 29, 2008 at 1:57 am

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