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The Year Ender Blog!

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This be the year-ender blog post!

2008 was a very eventful year for me straight of the bat…so I’m going to do this whole thing per month…


Well…2008 didn’t start out well for me..and my family… spent New Year’s Eve at work…which was a bummer..and my Uncle died the month before and all of us we’re reeling from it…I also resigned from work because of health problems, my blood pressure was way up…so I was without a job at the start of the year…and with my Uncle’s death, I was the one who “replaced” him in taking care of my Granmum…which made me stay awhile in Manila away from my family and friends in Pampanga…


I was still in Manila…bumming it up…but helping my Granmum out with chores and the lot…I wasn’t really enjoying the whole thing because it was very monotonous…but don’t get me wrong, I love my Granmum a lot…it was just that I needed something else to do..

Spent V-Day alone ..again…as always..


Hopefully, that would be my last really bad and sad birthday…I did spend it in Pampanga but all by my lonesome just chugging away food, party or whatnot…it was depressing as hell…

I did stumble upon Digital Photographer Phils., their forum and their magazine this month…as well as meeting a few new people and friends at the said forum…

Now, weeks prior, my Granmum kept asking me what I wanted to do as it became clear to her that I was bored…she was the one who suggested trying out Photography…I guess I asked for a sign…and seeing the DPP mag at Booksale was prolly it…so we bought it and further solidified the decision for Photography..


Who says April Fool’s day was not a good day? It was the best day for me as I was able to get me my DSLR on that day…years before, I was actually browsing what kind to get when I did get money…I chose the 400D for CANON…weeks prior, friends told me to get the 450D…it was almost the same but newer-ish…so, off I went and got me Rinoa [yes, I named me camera]….and went trigger happy on when I got home..the next day, I was off to Manila Zoo for Rinoa’s first-ever shoot/outing

I also attended the first-ever EB for DPP at Manila Golf…I was glad that I went because I met up with someone who will make my photography fun in the months coming..[pictures of the event]

And for Rinoa’s first out-of-town trip..Baguio! And prolly her first best shot as well..

I would like to add that it was my generous Granmum who got me started…and I’ve been ever so grateful..


I was frequenting the DPP boards more and more…and shooting anything and everything in sight…

I also got to attend Jo Avila’s Photography Seminar where I learned a lot and mew new people too..the coffee was great as well..LOL

I was actually having fun now although I still found editing photos a pain…


This was a really great and eventful busy month for me..alot of stuff was happening and thankfully I was able to keep up..

Jo’s last class, Mangaholix Con, LCC Photoshoot was all held on the same day!

Thankfully, the class was in the I went with a fellow seminar attendee to the con in the morning…it was fun as it was my first ever [and Rinoa’s] convention…a lot of new toys, things and cosplayers!

In the afternoon, we kinda arrived late but not that late, for the class…it was rather uneventful in the end though…we did manage to get goodie bags as well as having a photo printed with Canon paper..

After, a fellow seminar attendee and friend invited us for a photoshoot with his club, the LightCatchers…Raffy [the guy I went to Mangaholix with] came as well…I was nervous as this will be my [and Rinoa’s] first-ever model shoot and I was afraid I might not take good shots…well, it was a day of firsts anyway…

Although nerve-wracking, it was actually enjoyable…me and Raffy also tested out the “Starburst” effect for lights..we had pizza and beer…a few good laughs…again, mew new people…we were also invited for LCC’s trip to Corregidor [which I agreed to go to]…I must admit that I had a few good shots..they also held a photo contest and surprisingly, 2 people voted for my shot…I thought no one would vote for it..and no, I didn’t vote for my own photo..:p

Also, remember the guy I met at the DPP EB months ago? Well, he actually made a club for the CAMANAVA [CAloocan, MAlabon, NAvotas, VAlenzuela] area and he invited me to join up…the first meet-greet and shoot for the CPC was going to be my first one ever..that is until I went o LCC’s shoot [which was I think their first too? Not sure]..

The CAMANAVA Photographers Club went full ahead as the first meeting went underway and we had a good number of people who attended…sharing of info and ideas as well as the usual meet and greet…the model shoot was a big plus and I felt more comfortable shooting with these people…:]

And amidst of it all…another con! The 7th Annual ToyCOn! Hehehe…I actually felt bad coming to this because I didn’t have enough money for toys…:[ still, it was a great time..


I was kinda glad I accepted the LCC’s offer to let me join them on their Corregidor trip as it was a really eye-opening [shutter opening..LOL] exhaustive, fun, enjoyable experience!

This was also my [and Rinoa’s] first out-of-Luzon trip..ever…and as well as the first big boat ride…thankfully, I wasn’t seasick..LOL

Corregidor was an eerie yet wonderful place…it has chock full of history in it as well as stories..from the normal ones to the paranormal…although, I didn’t get to experience the paranormal ones..and it was a good thing I brought my laptop as both my SD cards were full just after the first day!

Twas also the First [?] VA and Student Party held by Jo Avila…I won a Canon Puzzle game immediately after I told my tablemates that I do not want to get the puzzle game..LOL…food, booze, mingling with other photogs…plus goodies to boot…this was the party I was expecting during the last day of our seminar class…


The CPC held its first out-of-town AND Pre-nup photoshoot on the same day…good buddy and CPC member Jerry asked the fellows if we could do his pre-nup shoot…[which was separate from the main wedding photog]…we all agreed, although I can’t recall who thought of doing it in Biak-na-Bato at Bulacan….anyhoo, we met-up with Babsy, Jerry’s fiancée [now Wife]…and shot and shot…it was tiring because of the up and down of the whole well as wet, we crossed a river…from then on, I promised myself to be well equipped and prepared for shoots…:p

I also tackled on photographing Lightning but it didn’t turn out well…


I got me a new lens! Courtesy of the guys I work with..:] he is dubbed “LongShot”…I was now able to take shots off the Moon..

Another CPC Model Shoot which turned out to be my last to shoot at Jason’s house [they moved to QC]…too bad, it was a nice house…:] [the shots of the shoot]

We also had an outdoor shoot in UP where we had almost all of the members there..which was crazy..hahah…it was a really fun day because we were all there…and everyone was having a good time…and it was my first time to shoot in UP..

I had to adjust for the new lens…it didn’t have any IS..LOL…but it was a boon to shooting…and I love it a lot..

I also joined Plurk and made a Tumblr account!


Twas my first experience Surfing as my younger sis and her bf tagged me along for their Zambales trip to go surf…another great experience as surfing was uber cool…I did had worry for Rinoa cause she might get wet..but it turned out ok..

It was also another month of conventions! Three of ‘em! CollectiCon, AniCon and CosMania! But…they were pretty much more of the same..but the toys…god..the toys…LOL

Another CPC shoot went underway….this time it was a nice themed shoot as CPC was moving into new directions…the Factory Shoot was a success and it was also the first time the CPC, me, Rinoa to shoot a male model..:D

We also had an outdoor photowalk with few CPC members…tiring, yes but worth it..


I went quiet this was a troubling month for me…but thanks to my friends, I was able to handle things..

No shoots or events this month….just a few shots of places during All Soul’s and Saint’s day..

Although I had a surprise or two…


At last was able to shoot Nayon Filipino in Clark with Kitin…which was fun, tiring and disappointing…disappointing because the whole site was not well maintained..

Another convention! The Xmas Toycon…but there weren’t many photos because I only went on the first day…the cosplay was on the second day and I was on my way to Vigan for a funeral…

I tried to have fun in Vigan though but not too much…will definitely visit next time..

Christmas time! Which means presents and party! The presents part was fun and ok but the party was so-so…but it was ok since I spent last year’s xmas at work…and that was worse..

Thus ends the year!

I missed on a few conventions like H3 and UP AME but I’ll make up for it this coming year…I also missed a few photoshoots and again, I’ll make up for it…:]

2008 was mainly a good year for me..even more than last year…yes, I was unemployed most of the year and was single…but it was ok…it was still good…I did a lot of new stuff, met new people, made new friends, got to experience new things, went to new places…

Hopefully 2009 will be better..:]

Happy New Year everyone! Be safe!


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