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A quick after NewYears entry…

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Well, the new year celebration has come and gone but there are still big things exploding in Gaza…’tis a sad thing for that to happen…

I mean, the terror attacks in India and now this? What a sad new beginning for the new year…

Anyhoo, on a personal note, the new year started out ok for me this year…although it did start like last year with a death in the family…and me being out of a job..but I am more happier this year than the last..

I don’t really make resolutions for every new year…but I do have “plans”…similar to on my color for this year…this year, it’ll be purple/lavender/violet…as it looks and seems regal..and of course to do things my way….:]

My photography club had it’s first shoot last weekend..a landscape and out-of-town shoot to boot…it was alot of fun even though we were only 6…agai, it was tiring as I couldn’t sleep the night before and the meet-up time was 4am…so, I bought myself an enrgy drink to boost me up for the whole day…I did sneak in a few winks during travel..anyhoo, it was a great shoot all in all…

As for other news, my Mum told me that her Mum’s sister died this week…I don’t know why but it seems that death is a trend in the changing of the year…even though we did seldom visit her when she was alive…we’ll be going by tomorrow…

I am still thinking on where to shoot my new toys/figure that will serve as a nice backdrop…I got myself a Black Getter Revoltech and a Serpent Custom from Gundam Wing for Xmas…and I’ve been dying to shoot them in more ways than one…will be pondering if i’ll be shooting them tomorrow..


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January 6, 2009 at 9:05 pm

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