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So..I cleaned my room today..actually not the whole roo as I share a room with my older bro…so I just cleaned my part of the room since it was the only part that needed cleaning..LOL..

I used to have my own room back in college…and boy, was it ever so messy…magazines, comic books, notebooks, college books/manuals, test papers, plastic, receipts, alot ofdifferent papers were strewn across the floor AND my bed…I only had half a bed to sleep in..hahaha…I never really bothered since all I do in my room is sleep in it and since it was my mess, I guess I was ok with it..BUT don’t get me wrong…I did clean the palce up once in awhile…alas, it would only take a few days till I mess it up again…

I guess one stupid reason why I don’t clean up my room much is that I hate to look for thi..if I left it there, it will still be there..unless someone cleaned my room, which sucks..the last time someone cleaned my things, they lost part of my Grimmjow Jaggerjacques [from the anime Bleach] figurine…they prolly didn’t notice that a part fell off and threw that away thinking it was nothing…boy, was I pissed that night when I came home…but I guess serves me right for being a scatterbrain with me stuff eh?

Anyhoo, one more reason why I don’t fix/clean much is that I have sooo much stuff…why? Cuz I’m a packrat…I keep all the nonconsequencial things people would normally throw away…I dunno why I keep hanging on to these things but I feel like I might need them…

That’s why when I clean up..I always find old new stuff that never stops to amaze me…like a few stuff I found when I cleaned up awhile back…I guess now that my part of the room is clean, I can start with working on some stuff out..:]


Written by The AlanSong

January 8, 2009 at 7:54 pm

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