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Movie Review: The Curious case of Benjamin Button…

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So, after watching Brad Pitt in a delightful supporting role in the movie, “Burn After reading”’s nice to see him in the limelight with “The Curious case of Benjamin Button”…

When I saw the trailers, I must admit that it had just the “meh” factor on me…I really wasn’t paricularly keen on seeing this film but that doesn’t mean that I liked it as well…

But I did get the feeling that I would get to watch it as soon as it opened here as I had a hunch that my Granmum wanted to watch this…and when I did go visit her, my hunch was correct, before she could even finish her movie invite, I just laughed and told her “I knew you were gonna say that..”..she just smiled…and smacked me on the head for interrupting..LOL

And don’t worry, I do not write about the main plotlines, happening and on-goings and/or spoilers of the story in my reviews…I just talk and blab about the story [at least parts of it that you may have seen on trailers], characters, actor portrayals and my general opinions of the movie..

Moving on to the review..

Even though the title mentioned about his “curious case”, Benjamin Button’s condition wasn’t really tackled in-depth and people around him either adapted to his condition, didn’t mind or just plainly didn’t care…maybe they could’ve re-titled the movie, “The Life of the Bizaare Benjamin Button”…eh? It’s got a ring to it right? No? Oh well..

Brad Pitt’s portrayal of a man aging backwards was ok…but you won’t see the REAL Brad halfway through the movie as you’ll just see an “aged” CGI of Brad’s face superimposed on his character’s body…still it was a great job by the special effects guys and make-up guys as well..

Cate Blanchett was WOW…as in, WOW…she looks great and acts so divine and regal…and she danced beautifully, I’m not really sure if she did study ballet/dance but it looks like she did…oh, and her in a leotard = RAWR…LOL 😀

The movie had the look and feel of age, as it seems that the movie itself ages with Pitt’s character…moving from the 40’s to 80’s and such…costume and stage designs were perfect…and seeing Pitt in Aviator’s, a leather jacket and an old school motorcycle made me think of James Dean in “Rebel Without A Cause”…

I was intrigued on how they told the story as well and the events and experiences of Pitt’s character…I did initially thought that this was just another oldie-type movie love story that’s generically made by Hollywood…but it wasn’t…it had action, humor, drama and although younger kids can’t prolly relate to’s a film that can be watched and enjoyed by all..

I feel that this is an Oscar Contender…to those who watched it, don’t you feel the same way? :]

In conclusion, this movie surprised me…with a great story/plot [it did deviate from the short story but then again it was loosely based on it], great characters, wonderful acting…it’s a must watch movie…good thing that I watch this with my Granmum other than watching “The Spirt” alone…


Written by The AlanSong

January 12, 2009 at 10:15 pm

3 Responses

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  1. i was pleasantly surprised to find out that F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote the short story upon which Benjamin Button (the movie) was based, then mention this in the opening credits


    January 18, 2009 at 7:46 am

  2. hey coffee!

    i was surprised that it was only a short story and not an actual book about it…i actually thought it was adapted from a novel..

    sadly, i havent read the short story..

    The AlanSong

    January 19, 2009 at 11:18 am

  3. I can feel you on this review. I like your style my friend. Looking forward for your first post in my blog.

    And yes, I saw this movie and loving it!

    Thanks and regards!


    November 4, 2009 at 4:11 pm

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