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Nope, this blog isn’t dead and I’m not dead as’s just that i’m not updating it as often as I can…but, really, there’s not much I can blog about with meself..

Anyhoo, ’tis already February and me thinks that the job situation here in the Philippines will get worse as lots of people are getting laid off [in the headlines it said about 800thou+ people]…so that kinda sucks, especially for the other guys looking for work..guys like me…

I do have opportunities regarding my own flow of income but I do wish that me Mum would show support and optimism once in awhile..but meh, if she didn’t then why would she start now eh? Anyhoo, I do have options but the problem is how to start them..everything, unfortunately, needs financing to start something…and I am rather lacking in that category…

so, I tried to read up on earning thru blogging…you know, the ads and stuff…unfortunately again, I don’t have a credit card and having a “free” blog account doesn’t entitle you to mess around with their HTML…if you guys could suggest anything, please let me know..;]

My Photography is ok..I am not doing leaps and bounds in my development but I am inching along…learning and trying out new stuff…my photog club/friends are there to help me out and they’re nice enough to offer insight…my DA [deviantart] is also the place where I can find inspiration and boost my esteem with all the people liking my shots…I really haven’t tried to visit their forums though…

Speaking of photography, my club [CAMANAVA Photographers Club; CPC] had shoots in Tagaytay and a recently held Graffiti shoot which I both attend and enjoyed massively…the latter shoot kinda gave me the boost I needed as I was feeling low in photography self-esteem again…also, I’ve been trying out a new way of editing my shots…will also try out HDR as well..

On a side note, I did get a scare during a drinking session with some old friends at their place last weekend…I came over to their house after the Graffiti shoot and I was really tired but nonetheless these were the guys I hung out with during college, the only two people I could trust in my Psychology class…and it’s been awhile since iI saw them last….I did get to rest awhile before joining them for tequila…but after awhile, I experienced chest pains…I kinda thought maybe that it was heart burn but it didn’t feel that way…I didn’t tell me friends cuz I know they’ll bug out…so I just acted really tired and asked them if I could rest awhile in one room upstairs which they did…but man, I had a hard time trying to relax, I think my blood pressure acted up again hence the chest pains so I knew I had to relax a bit…

It didn’t take long before I was out cold, asleep…but I awoke later with the same feeling, so I went to my friends downstairs and just enjoyed myself there..I didn’t partake in the drinking anymore though…after awhile, the pain went away but that incident worried me alot…hopefully, it ws a one time thing..

Anyhoo, that’s what’s up so far..i’ll be blogging in new stuff in a few days…;]


Written by The AlanSong

February 3, 2009 at 2:46 pm

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