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Japanese rock is still, in the same sense, Rock.

My fascination with it started with watching tons of Anime. They always had such cool opening and ending themes not unlike American cartoons wherein most of them are just keyboard-ish instrumentals.

Of course, cute japanese girl vocalists are an added plus as well. LOL

Although I was really into mainstream J-Rock at the time. Listening to those who were internationally known [at the time it was L~arc En-Ciel]. It fully blossomed when I started watching Rorouni Kenshin/Samurai X and simply loved all the opening and ending themes, especially Fourth Avenue Cafe by L~arc. 

Unfortunately, I wasn’t really that much of a web surfer then and got cut off with the Jrock trend during college. When I did start hanging out on the net, I discovered my 2nd favorite Jrock band, High and Mighty Color. Although, I did hear them first watching Gundam Seed and Bleach where their songs where opening themes.

Jrock has a different allure for me than the usual rock. I dunno, even if i hardly understand Japanese or their “Engrish”, I still enjoy listening to them and I would love to see my fave bands/artists perform live.

I guess there was a time where the local and international music scene was dry for me and listening to Jrock was just fresh I needed. So here’s a few names you should check out. ;]

Fave Bands/Artists: High and Mighty Color, L~Arc En Ciel, Beat Crusaders, Leah Dizon, Kylee, Teriyaki Boyz, Aqua Timez, Maximum the Hormone..urgh! there’re too many to mention..LOL

Music Inspiring Anime’s[watch them subbed and NOT dubbed]: Black Heaven/Kacho Oji/Section Chief Oji, BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad [FAVE!]

I’m Currently Listening to: Kylee – Vacancy, Boom Boom Satellites – Shut Up and Explode!, Aqua Timez – Velonica, BECK OST


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