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How I Spent Me Valentines Weekend..

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Well, like always, I didn’t have a date. So, I just went to Manila and visited my Granmum. I thought of taking her out but I came there late and she was lazy to go out, with all the people in malls that day. So we stayed home, ate some cake and watched episodes upon episodes of Ugly Betty in a StarWorld Ugly Betty Marathon.:D

But we didn’t finish all of it as I had to go back to Pampanga again. Me and my photog buddy [and his friends] were  planning to cover the 14th Hot Air Ballon Fest the next day and we had to be there at the site [Clark Field Air Base] by 3am to be the first ones there and to shoot the filling up of the balloons.

Well, we did get there early [first ones there] and had alot of fun. I saw a few friends there as well and even under the heat of the sun, we roamed around the place to shoot more. Then, I toured them around the base. They did some PX goods shopping and we visited the infamous “Haunted Hospital”. Afterwards, we went to me house for lunch as they tried out the famous “sisig” by Aling Lucing. By the looks on their faces[and the plate was empty], they enjoyed it.

SO it was a tiring enjoyable Valentines even though I didn’t have a date.


Written by The AlanSong

February 16, 2009 at 4:37 pm

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