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2008: A Year of Photography..

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There were alot of stuff and things that happened during 2008.

But, one thing that I’ve noticed is that last year marked the emergence of Photography in the Philippines.

I, Myself just took it up seriously last year. Geting to buy Rinoa [my Canon 450D on April 1st..] and going to a seminar as well as reading dozens of articles and books.

I noticed it first on my Multiply, being bombarded with new people and their shots. As well as Photography 101 questions and invites to groups. Add to that the emergence and popularity of Digital Photographer Philippines appearing on book shelves..albeit at a scarce rate. As it was difficult to find one anywhere. Although I know that their mag and forums has been around since late 2007, it had such a big buzz and influx of new members last year. I know, I was one of the newbies that joined and I didn’t have a camera yet then.

I did meet alot of people new and old in the line of photography. As well, as learning from them. Thru the DPP forums, I met and befriended the one who would create the first Photography club I would join, Jason Miraples. He is such a nice guy and I’m glad he had that idea to create the CAMANAVA Photographers Club as it brought together alot of people that are now my friends as well. :]

Anyhoo, I do notice stuff almost easily and I did noticed photo contests, ads for seminars, camera sales and the lot popping about alot last year. And like i mentioned, Multiply was now alive, bursting with people. My first few years at Multiply, there weren’t many people there and not many were even going or know about it. Now, everytime I see a full moon outside, I check Multiply minutes later and lo and behold! Dozens upon dozens of Moon shots! LOL ;p

And more and more people with DSLR’s visit conventions and concerts nowadays..or it’s just that it may be the first time I’m noticing it ‘cuz I’m a DSLR owner meself..? Maybe, maybe not…still, it’s a good I am also one of those people who have gone into and are doing what they love: Photography..


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February 20, 2009 at 2:31 pm

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