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My thoughts on WATCHMEN…

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* who watches the WATCHMEN..? *

* who watches the WATCHMEN..? *


My own thoughts regarding the movie.

*NOTE: All my reviews are spoiler-free…I will not mention anything that might disrupt your experience with what I’m reviewing*

A few words from normal ol’ me:

OMG! OMFG! it was sooo awesome sauce! EPIC WIN! FTW!!!! everything was sooooo great and soooooo neatly done….Silk Spectre was hawt! Rorshach is me hero! and Nite-Owl was Batman-ish….Ozy looked ghei *bat-nipples*…Dr. Manhattan was emo….The Comedian was spot-on!





Er..well, now that we have gotten that out of the way. Let’s move on to our REAL review.

WATCHMEN had always been at the back of my mind ever since I saw it in one of the comicbook shops I frequent. I, sadly, couldn’t get an actual copy of it since I was small then and lacked the money and convincing powers for my Mum to get me it. But with luck, I was able to obtain a copy from a friend. He let me borrow his copy for a few weeks and it blew me away. I sadly returned it and vowed to get meself a copy.

Years later, word of a movie was flying around even if it was dubbed “unfilmable”. Still, my curiosity was piqued at this notion.

It was awhile but the movie pushed through albeit not without it’s hitches. I was kinda glad it came out March 6 because it was two days after my birthday and this was my birthday gift to myself. To see the first showing of it on it’s opening day.

Which I did. 

Now, the movie it self was very, very interesting. The word around was, they “altered” a few things and it was noticeable enough [for people who read the graphic novel that is]. 

The story revolves around a world where “Costumed Superheroes” were the real deal and that they made a good impact in the world. Fast forward to a couple of years and a few incidents, it seems that the world of “costumes” were reversed and that slowly but surely, they were either retiring or just disappearing.

With this, some of them are being hunted down, even killed. And at one such incident, starts the ball rolling.

A story of love, intrigue and drama added with lots of action, personal philosophies and facing your own demons. It’s truly a film worth watching.

No, it isn’t one of your “normal” superhero movies. It’s not those kinds of films about redemption or whatnot. It’s one of those films wherein it’s given a touch of realism to it.

I would like to acknowledge and give kudos and props to their costume department. They did a great job to make the costumes come alive…well, except one. Ozymandias’ costume looked like Robins’ in “Batman & Robin” even having those “nipples”. This kudos extends to the special effects guys as they did excelllent work as well.

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with this movie. Although, they did omit and “replace”  and add certain things, the story it conveyed in the graphic novel was more or less still there.


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March 6, 2009 at 6:02 pm

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