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Spring Anime 2009: My thoughts..*may contain spoilers*

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With a few good animes ending [Gundam 00 S2, Soul Eater, Toradora! to name a few..], it’s now time to look at what’s new and what’s next.

Although, I never really knew what to expect except for the new Full Metal Alchemist anime. After browsing and trying out the new ones, I’ve found quite a number of titles i’m likely going to follow. I didn’t really watch all the new ones but here’s my thoughts one the ones I did watch.



~ “A girl, with a boomerang? Hmm, interesting…” were my thoughts as I came across this one. 

Set in a Post-Apocalyptic Tokyo, people are trying to lessen their “carbon emissions”. It may be because of a particular event prior to the anime’s setting. The girl with the boomerang is Kuniko who is slated to be the next “leader” for their town/group. And she is well-known by everyone in their place, and I do mean EVERYONE. But she doesn’t really like playing the part of Leader and gets bored easily. She has one constant guardian in Momoko, who produces or will prolly produce more humour in the series.

All in all, it’s seems like a watch for me on this one. ;]

True Mazinger


~ I admit, I am a big fan of Mecha Anime but unfortunately, Mazinger Z didn’t really grow on me. I loved the OVA’s though but the main series, well, i didn’t really get caught in it. 

It seems that this new Mazinger anime will be a remake of sorts which is good news for new fans who hasn’t seen the old series. 

I didn’t really know what was going on as I watched this. It was more of a *clusterfuck* of scenes I couldn’t relate to. Alot of stuff was happening that I couldn’t keep track of anything, was this the same thing during the old shows?

But, they did nice to get the old school look and animation to give it a classic feel. I’m still pretty much on the wall on this one. Hopefully, the next episode will clear things.

Eden of the East


~ This anime got me with its plot during its trailer. A naked man with a gun and cellphone with credits. He recalls nothing. That usual is the plot for a movie but an anime?

This may be one of the sleeper anime hits this spring, I can feel it. It seems that it has everything, action, romance, espionage. The naked man even referrenced himself as “Jason Bourne”. LOL

Oh, did I tell you that it’s opening theme is a song by OASIS? Yes, you heard me right. 😀

…and I am still wondering why that man gave our guy his pants.


Verdict? Will definitely follow and watch this one.

Sengoku Basara


~ Ok, now this one I watched immediately after I saw the picture. LOL

I think this series is based on the game, I’m not sure since I haven’t played the game yet but it’s chockful of Samurai/katana action. It’s almost Dynasty Warrior-ish but with somewhat mixture of elemental powers. It also has a good mixture of action and comedy as well as [maybe?] fan service. 😀

Will definitely follow this one and maybe try the game as well.

Queen’s Blade


~ er…this anime was…just full of er..


…will be following >:D.

Asura Cryin’


~ I was curious about this one, especially seeing the black mecha in the background.

It seems like a battle mecha anime thing where people summon beings to battle each other. But that’s from another persons opinion. It’s kinda likeable though with a lil bit of fanservice, that seems to make this anime mostly a “harem-type” of story..

I’m still on the fence on this one.

Dragon Ball KAI


~ At first I couldn’t believe it but when i saw the teaser images, I was like “whoa…”.

Although, this is not a new anime. It’s the old DBZ episodes somewhat redone and now, they’re sticking close to the manga…at least that’s what they’ve said. Hopefully, fights will be over in a span of 1-3 episodes and not drag on to 15+ like before.

Definitely following this one.

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood 


~ I was really waiting for this one as i’ve heard that they’ll be continuing where S1 left off.

But to my surprise, it didn’t. Rather they started again from the beginning and like DB:Kai above, they’re going to stick much closer to the manga this time. Which is good and which can mean that there will be episodes of the continuation for the first anime.

The comedy/running gags are still here as well as the adventure and it seems that the art direction for this one is new and its seems ok.

..and yes, i’ll be defnitely following this too. 😀

~ So, more or less that’s my Spring 2009 watch list. It isn’t much but i’m open to watch more, so any suggestions would be great.


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