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Movie Review: Xmen: Origins: Wolverine..

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Ok, everybody knows Marvel’s famous mutant. And now that he has his own movie, everyone will get to know about him more.

I’ve been aching to watch this ever since seeing the trailers and news, especially with a complete Team X line-up along with other famous mutants.

If you’ve been following the Wolverine:Origins comics, you would know that they deviated a bit from that…among other things. It is great that they stuck to a few things that old fans can relate too though.

*since more or less, people have watched this already..i’m gonna have some SPOILERS here*

here’s a few things I would want to point out though:

~ I liked how they *tried* to incorporate Ryan Reynolds’ funny side into Deadpool. But lacking screen time, it sort of failed. Still, the character made so much impact that it will be starring on his own spin-off movie..

~ On the Deadpool note, I didn’t like what they did to him after. I mean, he didn’t have retractable blade-like katanas sprouting from his knuckles or even optic blasts. I know they put it in for the sake of the movie, but come on…anyhoo, I liked the “I smack joo then teleport away then smack joo again” part. I f they only could’ve incorporated Deadpools’ snide remarks during the battle, it might’ve been more fun.

~ They took Emma Frost’s last name literally. I know it’s not 100% sure that the “Emma” that had “diamond-skin”[?] like powers was THE Emma Frost but there is talk about it.

~ Gambit was ok, i mean I didn’t think he could do that with his staff but overall, he was ok. They dropped his “frenchiness” and adopted his “cajun” side though. I still would’ve wanted a suave french talking Gambit.

~ Agent Zero, DO NOT WANT! Why would they make him a bad guy? D: And besides, David North/Christoph Nord/Maverick used the “Agent Zero” moniker during the last days of his “Mutancy”. His power was absoprtion and release, absorbing any kind of energy then releasing it into powerful blasts. Granted he was a skilled hit man but why?!

~ The Hudsons were different too…and felt slightly out of place in the movie.

~ Blob in Team X? Very Unlikely..and why him anyways?

~ Why would they have Cyclops in this film? Why?!


Moving on, they mostly covered the bases on Wolvie’s who, why, what, when, where and how which is always a good thing because it makes other people who don’t know the character in the dark and clueless as to what’s happening.

As expected, it’s chock-full of non-stop action and special effects which made for some few “Whoa…” moments from me. 

It was still a great watch and there are talks about a sequel too. Hopefully, it’ll stick more to the canon story than the “hollywood” scripted one.


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May 30, 2009 at 11:32 am

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