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Gaming Preview: Back To The Future

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I never knew that there will be a game for this movie franchise.

..and was surprisingly blown away by the trailer video.

From the video, it seems that Doc brown has been gone for a long time and because of that prolly hasn’t paid dues and such [the reason why the bank wants to get his stuff]. Now it’s up to Marty to go and find him and get him back. I dunno how the Delorean appeared without Doc [or maybe it has been programmed by Doc?]. The site says that this happened three months after the 3rd movie.

The voice of Marty seems spot on and they even got Christopher Lloyd reprising his role as Doc Emmett Brown. The graphics are ok even if it seems not to the liking of the other people. The music is also the same one from the movie.

It’s available for PC, PS3 and iPad [i’m wondering how the iPad will be able to play this]. And there will be 5 episodes [webisodes?] that will prolly chronicle Doc’s and Marty’s adventures. It may mean that those will prolly be expansions?

Here’s the official site:

I’m excited for this being a fan of the movie, I think it’s about time for a new game for this franchise.



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January 12, 2011 at 1:58 am

Game Review: PATAPON 2…

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Japanese Main Screen

Japanese Main Screen

Well, after the long wait, it’s finally here! The sequel to [in my opinion] one of the best musical games on the PSP, PATAPON 2!


The game continues where PATAPON left off. The PATAPON building a mighty ship to reach Earthend. But at  the start of the sequel, something wrong happened on their way. That kicks of their adventure, on new land,  facing new foes [maybe old ones too?!] as well as new boss monsters. But it seems that the PATAPON army has also something new up their sleeves.

The story pretty much is same as the first game but it’s a bit longer. Everything you saw in the first game is back here…and more.


They haven’t changed a thing with the controls for this game. Everything is just the same as the first one. But there are new things here.

First off, the new units. The “flying unit” has now been integrated to this game. Many talked about how it was scrapped from the first one. In my opinion it’s a strong unit, a mix of Kibapon [“Knight” Patapons] and Yumipon [Archer Patapons] and wait till you see what happens when FEVER hits. There are newer units as well. ;]

Another new unit is the HERO unit. Yes, you will have a HERO unit which can really help you out with these new strong bosses. He’s customizable [VERY customizable] and some of his gear can be found in another new addition to the game, the Paraget.

The new monsters drop eggs and these eggs is an essential part of the Paraget. The Paraget is like a parallel world where you get to replay maps and boss fights but not with your Patapon army but with your HERO units. That means you’re Hero unit plus alot more [Hero units are sometimes prizes at the end of the map]. Yes, it’ll be juts 4 Patapons against boss monsters or an army but they’re stronger and have special abilities. And in the end, you will be rewarded equipment, kaching or materials…after doing some cool button mashing.

Another new addition to the game is also in the Paraget. Multiplayer. Yes, you can play with other people even if they DONT HAVE Patapon 2 [but only in Multiplayer]! But, I didn’t try that out yet.

Fever Mode seems much more easier to get as during my gameplay, after 2 combos, I’m already in fever mode. But it varies from time to time. It seems that when you get the “timing” right, you get FEVER easily. Also, try to get you’re “timing” right and see what happens with your Hero Unit.

Also unlike Patapon 1, wherein you can just “create” one Patapon and cannot undo it, in Patapon 2 you can. In the “create” mode, where you build your Patapons, they now have an “Evolution” board. Where you can pick which trait you’re Patapons will take. Sturdy? Elemental resistant? All-Around fighter? And , if you’ve already picked a type and wanted to try out a new one, it’s possible to backtrack or go to another “evolution” line…as long as you have the materials needed. Also, you unlock Patapon types, like Kibapon and Toripon for example, on the said board.

There is a new weather which is Snow, and it can freeze up your units as well as your enemies unless they’re freeze resistant.

The Miracles are still there as well and Kim Kimpon and the rest of the “Material” giving Patapon group. Meden is still there giving out advice.


The sound on this game is spot on. They have new music and somewhat remixes of the old ones. They even have the map name and BGM title appear when you visit a place for the first time.

It’s definitely an upgrade from the first game and it’s even more “danceable”. I can’t stop tapping my foot and even sway around a bit when I played this game.


So, in conclusion,  I must admit that there are times when I get irritated at the new bosses and levels as some are hard but it’s not fun when it’s not challenging at all. It’s a game that you have to get because it’s a great addition to your game library plus its fun.

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March 11, 2009 at 10:14 am

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