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Gaming News: DOTA 2, Torchlight II!

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I almost play videogames 24/7 [working for a Game company helps LOL] and I was excited about the game news I came across yesterday.

Torchlight II

Website: CLICK ME 8D

^Sneak Preview

~ I’ve played Torchlight since last year and I’m still playing it and enjoying the experience. I came across this game while reading up on Diablo III news. After seeing a few screenies, I decided to give it a try and BAM! Instant game addiction. It helps that they allow modding, from the levels, items, pets, characters and character classes to make the game more fun and replayable.

For me it was Diablo III for kids, as it was the same dungeon crawling experience but on the lighter side. But it lacked Multiplayer, whcih was the only downside of the game…until now. Seeing the Torchlight II site/news/video made me anticipate the game so much now as it proves to be epic.

Just by reading the new features, you can tell alot of people will be pre-ordering this one and/or getting it on its release day. I know I will.


~ I love playing Warcraft games and especially the DOTA [Defense of the Ancients] mod. I did hear about the news that they’re going to make an official DOTA game with the help of IceFrog [which I think they employed] but this was a big surprise for me when my officemate showed these pics yesterday.

My jaw dropped. These teaser pics were gorgeous! The character designs are such detailed. They’re trying to make DOTA into a game on its own, separate from its WarCraft roots. But it seems that VALVE is now handling the game which is another surprise. We then joked around on the idea of Gordon Freeman, HeadCrabs, GlaDos and even a chocolate cake being integrated into the game. Still, it’s making us DOTA players yearning for it more. If these pictures blew us away, what else would a teaser vid would do?


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October 15, 2010 at 1:46 am

A quick after NewYears entry…

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Well, the new year celebration has come and gone but there are still big things exploding in Gaza…’tis a sad thing for that to happen…

I mean, the terror attacks in India and now this? What a sad new beginning for the new year…

Anyhoo, on a personal note, the new year started out ok for me this year…although it did start like last year with a death in the family…and me being out of a job..but I am more happier this year than the last..

I don’t really make resolutions for every new year…but I do have “plans”…similar to on my color for this year…this year, it’ll be purple/lavender/violet…as it looks and seems regal..and of course to do things my way….:]

My photography club had it’s first shoot last weekend..a landscape and out-of-town shoot to boot…it was alot of fun even though we were only 6…agai, it was tiring as I couldn’t sleep the night before and the meet-up time was 4am…so, I bought myself an enrgy drink to boost me up for the whole day…I did sneak in a few winks during travel..anyhoo, it was a great shoot all in all…

As for other news, my Mum told me that her Mum’s sister died this week…I don’t know why but it seems that death is a trend in the changing of the year…even though we did seldom visit her when she was alive…we’ll be going by tomorrow…

I am still thinking on where to shoot my new toys/figure that will serve as a nice backdrop…I got myself a Black Getter Revoltech and a Serpent Custom from Gundam Wing for Xmas…and I’ve been dying to shoot them in more ways than one…will be pondering if i’ll be shooting them tomorrow..

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January 6, 2009 at 9:05 pm

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