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…aaand we’re back!

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I apologize for being away for so long.

This time, i’ll be here more often and would prolly blog about more personal and nonsense things hahahah..

Stay tuned for the show!


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April 24, 2012 at 9:22 am

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I’m still here..

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This blog ain’t dead yet.

I’ve just bee pretty occupied, I will get back regularly when i get a sense of normality some time soon.

Thanks! And I hope to see you guys again here.


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October 28, 2009 at 12:33 pm

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Game Review: Phantasy Star Portable..

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~ You are a fresh meat er..graduate for the Mobile Defense Force and having been trained under the most “volatile” trainers, alot is expected from you. As luck would have it, your first routine mission for the MDF turns out to be your first adventure that will span the galaxy [in truth, 3 planets and a space station LOL]. 


~ Seeing that this is my First Phantasy Star game I played, I found it quite entertaining at some parts. It kinda dragged on a bit but it got me hooked.

Anyway, more or less, it plays like FFVII:CC but with teammates. You go around doing the main missions then for breathers, there are also a ton of side missions you can level-up in, gain money and collect items at.

I like how you fully customize your character’s appearance, from their hair [unless you picked the CAST race] to their shoes. And with four races available, the balanced Humans, the agile elf-like Neumans,the force user CASTs [robot people] and the brutish Beasts, gameplay will be diverse at best. Also, you will be able to pick your own partner [or partner machine as they call it] to help you out in missions just in case you don’t want any teammates hanging about.

Now, about your teammates, well I really didn’t like how they did the AI for them. You can have at least 4 people join up on you on missions accessing them to join up via “Partner Cards”. Most of them are already high level and no, you can’t customized them. You’ll get half the XP when they kill a monster and no, you can’t control their AI which is the irritating part. They mostly stick around you but when you’re already kicking butt, they just stand idly till the enemy smacks them upside their heads. Seriously, I get pissed off everytime I get mobbed and the others are just standing by.

Anyhoo, moving on…Sound and Graphics are ok at best although some of the voice-acting gets irritatingly annoying. The learning curve isn’t that high, in the end you’ll feel that this game is a button-masher.

Targeting is also my biggest peeve in this game. with a free-roam battle environment and tons of enemies coming at you, you need at least a stable targeting system. But they didn’t have that, they do have a target “lock” when you press the “L” button and a target is “locked” however, it’s just identifying a target and when you attack it, you have to re-target it again. Which is a pain in the ass when mobs are coming at you.

The missions are done always on the same map and you’ll be doing each mission 4 times, each time with a different degree level which can either be good or just too boring at some points. The storyline missions are different and you are required to only have the correct partner/s to be able to start the mission.

You are given a barrage of weapons and cute little floating er…”floaties”[?] which can be able to cast Force spells. The weapons can be also “linked” with a “photon art”/skill which then in turn, consumes PP points/skill points. Weapons are also upgradable [to level 10 which is MAX] via the Upgrade Grinders monsters drop [rare] or the Upgrade Grinders given when you end a mission. Force spells are basically Magic spells and they level up [to level 20 which is MAX] over time when you use them regularly.


~ All in all, it’s still a great game which even though it’s kinda dragging for me…I still come back and play it over and over. If you’re a fan, it’s a must and if you’re new, just try it out. It’ll tide you over till a new game comes around. 😀

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April 21, 2009 at 11:02 am

Turning 25…

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Well, it’s my birthday today!

And i’m officially a quarter of a hundred years old.

I really don’t feel anything different today and nothing is out of the ordinary except for the well-wishers. I don’t really have plans for today. No party, no date. I’m just going to go with the flow today.

I did go out and visited  the Church and also bought meself a newspaper. I’ve been collecting newspapers on me birthday since 2001. It’s a “routine” I “borrowed” from a friend. I re-read the previous “bday” newpapers and saw how much has changed in the last years. Even if I myself haven’t.

Er..I do have things planned today. I plan to blog and do some self-shots for meself and make a Dev~id for me DA cuz I haven’t got one yet. 

So, here’s to me and me 25th year of bumming up the world…Huzzah!

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March 4, 2009 at 3:48 pm

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Oh Bother..

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So, I was supposed to be blogging about how I could not escape the stigma of ordinary living. But halfway there, I got lost and decided to scrap it.

Long story short about it is, I wanted, yearned for something more than ordinary in my life. Be it not – so ordinary job or going to not – so ordinary places but it just doesn’t seem to be meant for me. No matter how hard I try to live a life that I want, life seems to just kick me back to reality. I’m not saying life is boring but isn’t it much more better living a life less ordinary…?

Anyhoo, I’ve been past few weeks. It may or may not be in conjunction with the coming month of March and my Birthday but I just dunno. It prolly does concern of me getting a year older again and with nothing worth of noting what relevant thing I’ve done for the past year/s of my life. 

Its just that sometimes, I drift off thinking to myself ALOT of stuff I prolly shouldn’t be thinking about. Like, “why am I here?”, “what’s my purpose?”…weird huh? But in reality, we’re looking for our purpose in life, something that we can do with our own sense of flair and talent. So far, I haven’t really seen anything that defines me and my so-called “skills”.


Am I having some sort of Mid-Life guess I should just be calling it Crisis since I haven’t really reached the midpoint of my life yet. So..what do I have then?


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February 25, 2009 at 1:50 pm

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2008: A Year of Photography..

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There were alot of stuff and things that happened during 2008.

But, one thing that I’ve noticed is that last year marked the emergence of Photography in the Philippines.

I, Myself just took it up seriously last year. Geting to buy Rinoa [my Canon 450D on April 1st..] and going to a seminar as well as reading dozens of articles and books.

I noticed it first on my Multiply, being bombarded with new people and their shots. As well as Photography 101 questions and invites to groups. Add to that the emergence and popularity of Digital Photographer Philippines appearing on book shelves..albeit at a scarce rate. As it was difficult to find one anywhere. Although I know that their mag and forums has been around since late 2007, it had such a big buzz and influx of new members last year. I know, I was one of the newbies that joined and I didn’t have a camera yet then.

I did meet alot of people new and old in the line of photography. As well, as learning from them. Thru the DPP forums, I met and befriended the one who would create the first Photography club I would join, Jason Miraples. He is such a nice guy and I’m glad he had that idea to create the CAMANAVA Photographers Club as it brought together alot of people that are now my friends as well. :]

Anyhoo, I do notice stuff almost easily and I did noticed photo contests, ads for seminars, camera sales and the lot popping about alot last year. And like i mentioned, Multiply was now alive, bursting with people. My first few years at Multiply, there weren’t many people there and not many were even going or know about it. Now, everytime I see a full moon outside, I check Multiply minutes later and lo and behold! Dozens upon dozens of Moon shots! LOL ;p

And more and more people with DSLR’s visit conventions and concerts nowadays..or it’s just that it may be the first time I’m noticing it ‘cuz I’m a DSLR owner meself..? Maybe, maybe not…still, it’s a good I am also one of those people who have gone into and are doing what they love: Photography..

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February 20, 2009 at 2:31 pm

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I’m On A Boat – The Lonely Island

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I am loving this and there album!

get it!

Written by The AlanSong

February 17, 2009 at 10:11 pm